Yes. Taste Does Matter

We have years of experience in Supplement Flavoring for customers. Consumers experience products with their senses. In the nutrition & supplement industry flavor is a big part of designing a formula. In the past, most supplements tasted chalky and were undesirable. Today there is a larger selection of custom manufactured supplements flavoring options.


We offer superior products at the most competitive prices. The price depends on the quantity, the type of packaging, the availability of raw materials, the involvement of different process etc. We do not use substandard or low quality raw material. However, we can offer best price as we are bulk buyers for most of the raw materials and we have qualified people with us to track the price as per the market resolutions.

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We Make Bodybuilding-Focused Dietary Supplements

At CHK Industries Private Limited our main focus is bodybuilding supplement manufacturing. Many manufacturers will try to tell you all bodybuilding nutrition is the same. We know that simply is not true at all. There is variation between premium supplements and low-level imitator’s results from those products can extensively vary.

There is no middleman between you and the manufacturer at CHK Industries Private Limited. At CHK Industries Private Limited, we continually strive to provide superior, high-end bodybuilding formulas that professional bodybuilders would approve of. How are we able to manufacture the best formulas? We are a team of bodybuilding enthusiasts who have years of experience in the industry. Get it Correct, Go Direct!